Our printing house was founded in 1991.

Print-Service was managed by Vladimir Zhiryakov together with his ex-companion Samson Muradyanov up to 2001. For 10 years, the company focused on businessform printing for insurance companies, airports, and airlines.

In the late 90s, it was decided to divide the business.

In 2001, a new company BusinessBlankService C LLC was established with its only manager Vladimir Zhiryakov. The printing house moved to a new office at 42 Ozernaya Street, Moscow (CRI Delfin). The first multipurpose narrow-web 6-colour offset printer Goebel Optiforma with hot carbon and foliation sections was acquired. This asset allowed printing any kind of aviation documents (air tickets in various layouts, RUSH labels, load sheets and other specialised products).

In 2007, the company launched a cutting-edge web-fed offset printer Drent Vision with servo drives and a die-cutting section to start printing boarding passes and bag tags. It was then that the printing house became the largest specialty form supplier for air carriers in both Russian and neighbouring markets.

In 2010, the printing house diversified its printed products: direct contracts with major companies of various industries were concluded. We started dealing with public institutions and state-owned companies under Federal law No. 94-ФЗ, and later No. 44-ФЗ and No.223-ФЗ.

In 2017, another printing production site was launched in Serpukhov. A dedicated factory focused on security printing and billing products (self-mailers).

  • launched 2 production sites
  • became reliable partners
    with public institutions and major businesses
  • upgraded our fleet with cutting-edge printing and post-printing equipment:
    100+ units of specialised equipment.
  • launched own logistics department, to manage freight vehicles of various tonnage and optimise the end products delivery.
  • expanded printed productsrange (commercial specialised printing, security printing, billing and products for direct mails)


We offer business formsprinting services

including way bills, boarding passes, lottery and betting tickets, self-mailers, insurance certificates, airport security stickers, etc.

Our printed products have the following features:

  • Mass-circulation
  • Application of various stock materials (self-copying, offset, self-adhesive, thermo sensitive, protected paper, etc.)
  • Application of UV-cured ink for manufacturing of quality products
  • Application of various printing technologies during manufacturing process and their combination. Combination of various types of printing during production of printed products (combination of flexographic printing and offset classic printing, application of digital inkjet printing methods).
  • Production speed. We can produce high volumes within shortest terms. We have a great experience in supplying of printed products to multifunctional network companies.

What can we provide?

Our specialty:

  • Being a web offset printing house, we focus our attention on the development of web technologies in printing.
  • Manufacture products in web, in sheets, continuous form sheets.
  • Produce single- and multiple copy products.
  • All the printers are equipped with personalization systems to apply unique data on printed products.
  • All the printers are equipped with additional options (carbon and foliation sections to apply numbers and barcodes by a high and low method; perforation and cutting sections; die-cutting and deflashing).
  • Each printer is equipped with modern BST cameras for printing process quality control.

We process:

  • Offset and coated paper.
  • Self-copying paper (biggest processor of this type of paper in the CIS).
  • Self-adhesive paper.
  • Tear-resistant materials.
  • Thermal paper (including thermal carton, thermal self-adhesive paper).
  • High security paper customised to meet certain needs (including cotton or linen fibre, special visible and invisible inclusions, threads, as well as customised watermarks).


For security printing, we use unique designs and a case-by-case document security complex for every customer

We pay close attention to commercial secret and copyright compliance

We perform continuous product quality and safety control

Product design is developed by employees having a vast experience in printing

Security system: access control, strict account of products throughout the production process

We care of customer’s interests and focus on long-term cooperation

All products we make meet security standards and requirement

We employ foreign-made equipment and quality materials