Our printing plant produces high-quality printing products that comply with the applicable GOST/OST standards, IATA resolutions and other industry quality standards, as well as internal quality control guidelines.

  • GOST 6658-75 Paper and carton products. Packaging, marking, transportation, and storage.
  • GOST P 54109-2010 Security printing. General technical requirements.
  • GOST Р 54766-2011 ISO 12647-2 Production control of bitmap colour plates, trial and printed signatures in offset printing.
  • GOST 21444-75 Coated paper.
  • GOST 18251-87 Adhesive tape on paper base.
  • GOST P 12.2.133-97 Test equipment.
  • GOST 9094-89 Paper.
  • GOST P ISO 12647-1-2017 Printing technology. Control of digital files production, bitmap colour plates, trials, and printed signatures.
  • GOST 54-0-192.84-2002 Safety and security of civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference. Stickers for bags, cargo, mail, and on-board stock.
  • GOST 6591-73 Printing inks. Method to determine drying or film formation time.
  • GOST 25117-82 Printing inks. Method to determine covering capacity.
  • GOST 14760-69 Adhesives. Method to determine strength during removal.
  • GOST 29.402003 Prepress printing technology and equipment. Terms and definitions.
  • GOST 909589 Printing paper. Technical terms.


To enter into a contract with our printing house, you will be offered to sign a quality standard agreement.You can download the file below: