Quality control is our priority. This process applies to all types of printed products:

  • commercial orders
  • security printing
  • self-mailers
  • thermal receipt tape


We have a special set of rules and quality control strategies in place for each line of our business. For example, security printing quality audit department is governed by our in-house “SecurityPolicy forSecurity Printing Production, Sales and Accounting Sites”.

Moreover, we develop case-by-case quality control strategies for large-scale projects. For example, gaming forms are produced with multi-stage electronic control system employed to monitor the production process of each unit.

Both factories also feature passive quality control systems, including modern video recording facilities installed on printers to guarantee strict compliance. It is also quite important that quality control takes place not only during the manufacturing process but also at the stage of raw materials input.


Quality control process:

  • Incoming control of input raw materials
  • Operational control during manufacturing process by technological department and printing and post-printing foremen.
  • Outcoming quality control of finished products


Quality control purpose:

  • To ensure compliance of finished products with technological documentation under the order, printing standards, public health requirements.
  • For foremen and technologists to collect latest information about faults and defects in printed products in order to eliminate their causes and factors.
  • To record and analyze faults and defects, their causes.


Products that fail to meet technological requirements, have defects and cannot be restore dare destroyed.

  • Accountable printed products are shredded.
  • In case of defects in security printing, a set of measures specified in thein-house Guidelines is applied.

We are always happy to have any feedbacks from our partners on our products’ quality. We value every customer and every order.