Our customers are:


Our products for airports, handling companies, and airlines comply with high quality standards and IATA resolutions.

We use high-end equipment and quality materials for aviation printing. Within the only company in Russia to produce airline tickets (EBT, TAT), receipts and miscellaneous charges orders (MCO), air waybills (AWB). 

We provide the full range of transportation documentation supplying majority airlines and airports in Russia. The product range includes not only specialised forms, but also labels and tags, perforated paper, bag tags, load sheets, logbooks, hazard class labels, boarding passes, aviation security stickers, and other products.


Our product range includes:

  • Bag tags
  • Boarding passes
  • Air tickets, bills, miscellaneous charges order
  • Cargo air waybills (with 12, 9, 5 layers, in continuous form sheets and in sheets)
  • Bag tags, transfers, priority baggage
  • Warehouse labels, container tags, “555” tags
  • Transport labels, PIR forms, address tags
  • Passenger, postal and luggage registers, Interline tags, RUSH tags
  • FIM manifests, “Troller”, “Fragile”, “Glass” tags, etc.

We successfully cooperate with:

All major country airlines:

«Aeroflot-Russian Airlines», S7, Utair etc.

All major country airports:

Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo, Domodedovo, Pulkovo, Sochi, etc.

Other companies of this industry:

Cargo, UTG, Aeromar, etc.