Our customers are:


BusinessBlankService C LLC successfully cooperates with the majority domestic banks in terms of specialised printed products supply.

We have successfully implemented two mailer form production lines to become the largest bank card PIN envelope supplier.

We offer PIN envelope services. You can buy both standard designand custom layout PIN envelopes with your bank’s logo.

Our services:

  • Web offset printing of 3-,4-, or 5-layer envelopes in bulk with transport perforation.
  • Possible width: 190, 210, 240 or any other requested 50g/m2 to 190g/m2 layer density.
  • Envelope customization. Logo printing and PIN envelope masks upon customer’s demand.
  • You can buy standard design PIN envelopes (3-or 4-layer) in small batches from our warehouse.
  • We produce PIN envelopes of German materials, we use hot carbon lamination – it guarantees high quality and durability, for our partners it means continuous work of personalization centres and bank card issuing.

We guarantee high quality ofPIN envelopes we make.

Our products, in particular, have been tested at all standard dot-matrix printers. We offer low prices, high quality and short time manufacturing – these are our three key advantages.

Besides, we have launched two winding and cuttinglines to supply receipt thermal tape.

Our printing house has beensupplying checkbooks and savings passbooks for many years. We supplyform No. 2бн savings passbooks on a monthly basis to Sberbank branches. We also supply numbered savings books (with series and number) to other banks (such as Russian Agricultural Bank).

We produce

  • Standard design PIN envelopes
  • Custom layout PIN envelopes
  • ATM receipt and thermal receipt tapes with or without printing, with or without personalization
  • Banking slips
  • Savings books
  • Certificates, slip, contracts
  • We also provide various accompanying labels and forms

We successfully cooperate with:

All major banks in Russia:

PJSC Sberbank, Bank VTB24, Russian Agricultural Bank, Gazprombank, etc.

Major CIS banks:

Regular deliveries to Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Belarus, etc.

With service companies:

Rosan Finance, Aliot, M-Trade, Novakard, TPK Deep 200, etc.