Our customers are:


Printing kits for mobile connection

  • Printing of self-copying contract forms, info cards, registration forms and SIM cards carriers
  • Integration of connection kits
  • Production of billing self-mailers

Our capabilities:

  • Maximum number of layers in a document is 12
  • Combination of various materials: offset paper, coated and self-copying paper
  • Layered forms in continuous form sheets
  • Neutralising ink to copy the subscriber’s signature
  • Collator sizing, stamp perforation
  • Supply of self-adhesive stickers and self-adhesive labels in tape and sheet

Loyalty questionnaires with barcodes, contract and subscriber support forms.

We produce

  • Self-copying contract forms with or without personalization
  • Info cards and registration forms
  • SIMcard carriers
  • Loyalty questionnaire forms
  • Machine readable forms
  • OCR foliation forms
  • Stickers and labels
  • other business products

We successfully cooperate with:

Major mobile network operators:

MTS, Beeline, Megaphone, Tele2

Various service companies:

EsterProdaction, Rosan Finance, Novakard, etc.