Our customers are:


Production and printing of insurance business documents – formerly one of the largest segments in printing industry – has transformed significantly over the past two years.

Currently, we focus on quality as well as fraud protection and authenticity control.

Our printing house supplies the full range of insurance forms. We produce not only forms, but also guarantee our customers authenticity and strict accounting of accountable forms. The various technologies we use together with our production facilities allow for shortest turnaround times.

We produce

  • Insurance policies with numbering or personalization
  • A7 receipts with numbering or barcoding of brochures “insurance rules”
  • Self-copying forms of “Notice of Accident”
  • OSAGO insurance forms with barcoding
  • Voluntary insurance kits for municipal apartments

We successfully cooperate with:

All insurance companies in Russia:

Soglasie, RGS, Zetta Insurance Company,etc.

Withour Federal Tax Service license, we provide our customers with the full range of services on control and accounting of forms in production process.