Forms for logistics companies


The product range supplied to logistics companies is vast and diversified: multi-layered forms, labels, and rolllogo stickers.

We commit to perform services in supplying logistics companies with the entire range of special printing products, there by saving their time and money. By working directlyon a long-term basis, our companies will be able to develop the most acceptable form of cooperation with the best conditions for you and stable utilization of our production capacities.

We perform web printing of self-copying courier way bill forms with a bar code for the courier services of Russia and the CIS. Each production stage employs an automatic verification system, which ensures our customers 100% overlay accuracy, bar codes readability (especially on automated conveyor system scanners).

As the largest self-copying paper processor in the CIS, our company is eager to offer you the best long-term prices and supply you with quality goods.

Our capabilities:

  • UV ink web printing of forms provides excellent quality and short terms ofwaybill issue.
  • Printing of variable linear bar code or a 2D code on front and/or back of a form
  • Self-adhesive tape printing of one of waybill layers; sticker die-cutting.
  • Urgent delivery of any volume of waybills (within 2-3 days from request)
  • Printing of envelope-sized courier waybills (EMS Russian Post)reverse-hot-laminated by carbon to provide information copying.
  • Red carbon printing of air waybills (AWB): numbered, non-numbered, sheet/stacked
  • Printing warehouse stickers and cargo labels (full color, personalized/non-personalized, die-cutting, etc.)

Product samples