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Layout requirements

Files requirements

1. Formats and contents of the files

1.1. We accept only PC-compatible files of the following types: .cdr .ai .eps .pdf.

1.2. Files of scanned images are accepted only after additional agreement for the full layout development for additional price

1.3. All bitmap objects should be in CMYK, except for the colors which are expected to be printed by additional inks. Files should not contain objects in RGB or LAB, and (if it's not aditionally stated in technical specification) undiluted Spot-colors (Pantone), which are not printed.

1.5. Total in level shouldn't be more than 300%.

2. Make up and image requirements

2.1. The minimal resolution of bitmap objects should be less than 300 Dpi

2.2. Bitmap objects are accepted in 1:1 scale

2.3. "Transparent" color is not allowed in bitmap objects. If "mild" shadow is used, then convert it and the background to bitmap.

2.4. "Transparent" loop and other objects with transparency are not allowed - convert them to bitmap.

2.5. Vector objects with the "mesh" filling or with complicated gradients are not allowed - convert them to bitmap.

2.6. Embedding objects inserted by the clipboard are not allowed.

2.7. Corel Draw texture fillings are not allowed - convert them to bitmap.

2.8. Do not use Pantone pallet if you are not willing to order printing with a spot color.

2.9. Your layout should dillute into the number of colors which you are going to order printing with

2.10. The size of bleed elements should be not less than 5mm, meaning that the bleed elements should exceed the edge of the page for at least 5 mm.

2.11. Logos of the companies should be done in vector using software compatible with Corel Draw

2.12. Small black objects (text less than 20, lines, etc.) must have following color:C:0-M:0-Y:0-K:100 (black)

2.13. Big back objects (big textes, big plates) should be done with composite black color: (C:70-M:60-Y:60-K:100)

2.14. If the layout is made on Mac, then make eps file with fonts in curves or pdf.